Video games - Essay

Nowadays, video games are played by every child or teenager. Some people, often adults, say these games are dangerous, addictive and aggressive.
Are games really dangerous? Or can they be helpfull in some way?

The majority of people might tell you that they are dangerous, harmfull and addictive. From one side, that thought isn't wrong at all, because there are lot of games (maybe the most popular games) in which you are the main character, who has a lot of problems, and solves it violently.
This kind of games may be harmfull, violent, and of course, addictive.
Also, there are games that are supposed to make you feel sick, like Polybius, an old game that made people have headaches, have nightmares and hear voices in their mind.

On the other side, we can see that that aren't the only style of games in the world, there are also lot of video games that developes your abilities, j


to p simpson, principal.
from the student comittee

We are writing in response to your letter about your ways to savew money in the future for the collage.

In the first place, you told the transport facilities where under-used, but according to a recent survey the transport facilities are used by students at least twice a week.
You also told that the free buses run half empty, but on winter they are used in the maximum during winter.

As a second point you said that you decided on some changes, such as intend yo make the car park available to the general public during the day and charge a fee. We are sorry we cannot agree, we think that would not be convenient because there would be a lack of spaces for students.

You said you will be terminating the free bus service, and more bicycle stands will be providewd to encourage students to cycle to college. It is an excelent idea to try to encourage students to cycle to college, but we think it is really dangerous cycling in a city.

We undestand your point of view but after a careful consideration the comitte has decided to inform you that we will not support because of the disagreements.

The comittee.



I'm on the planning committee representing my country for the international cultural festival in London. I'm writting this proposal in order to suggest what should be included in the festival to represent the culture of my country.

Uruguay's Carnival
The carnival of Uruguay is considered the largest carnival on the world. It starded near the year 1760 and now it's stil very famous.
People disguise with a lot of colours and walk through the streets dancing and singing, where there's a crowd of people having fun, eating and some ones selling things.
People are eager waiting the whole year until February to celebrate the Carnival.
Maybe it can be possible to show a video with some of the carnivals.

Sports have been very crucial on our country, that's why now it's part of our culture.
Basketball, football and handball are the most typical ones.
Football is considerably the one that made million fans in uruguay. Our team is very know over the world because of the first world cup. We won and it was made in Uruguay also.
I think some of our football players could take part on the festival.

In Uruguay the 'Asado' is the most valuable food, it's typical, for example, to eat Asado the weekends, or in big parties.
"Torta fritas" are appreciated specially on rainy days. Also the 'mate' is a traditional Uruguayan infused drink.
We can take those three typical foods/drinks to the festival so people can taste them and know a bit more about it.

My proposal tries to make you know what Uruguayan culutre really is, and I hope it meets with your approval.


Research on eating habits

Dear Dr. S. D. Allan,

I'm writting in order to take part in the experiment on eating habits, which I saw on a magazine and got interested inmediatlly.

First of all I am going to tell you my present eating habits, as you asked. I usually eat 3 meals: lunch, tea and dinner. I skip breakfast because I am used to get up too late. In general I do not eat unhealthy food, like fried food or with lots of fats.
Between those meals I eat lots of things: cookies, cake, waffles, chocolate, etc.
I was wondering if in the exepriment we can choose the food or if they're just fixed meals, and also if the food is free or I have to pay for it.

When would this start? Between Saturday and Thursday, any day is okay for me, so just tell me those three days I could go.
You also mentioned a fee, could you tell me of how much is it?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Belén Alejo.