I had never imagined I would see myself on the news. It was horrible! My grandma was watching the news when she saw me in a robbery scene, and she phoned me very scared! -You are in the news!! look!!- she said screaming.
In the robbery scene It was me stealing money from a toyshop, I was scared because I never did that. But I ignored It.
Two days later, I was watching the news...and again the same! but this time it was me stealing money from a little supermarket! I couldn't belive it...and in both cases it was at arround 3 AM..
I was sleeping at that time! I said to my mum. She was really surprised, so, she put a hidden camera on my room. One day later, I was again in the news!! and this time I was stealing money from a house!..so my mum saw the video on the hidden camera, and really at 3 AM it was me getting up and going outside!! I really couldn´t belive it! because I didn`t remember anything!
So my mum told me she thought I was somnambulist, so I went to the doctor and gave me some medicine for the somnambulism, since I started taking the medicine, there was no more of "me" stealing money...and the police never arrested me..well..they never found me...and I gave the money I stole to poor people (really..not).