Application letter D:

Dear Mr. Paul Jhonson,

I am writing with regard to the advertisment that appeared in the last issue of “El Gallito Luis” and I would like to apply to the position of English teacher.
I graduated from the English university of Montevideo in 2002 with a degree in FCE and TESOL. This year I was employed as an English substitute at a private school. I speak fluent English and Spanish and I have facility on teaching, specially to young children.

I am a very patient person, very dedicated, tolerant and organized and specially I have a good communication with children, of course I am very creative and joyful.

I enclose my CV and I would be glad to attend an interview at any time convenient to you.
I hope that you will consider me for entry.

Yours sincerely,
Belén Alejo.


Dear Mr. G. Jeffreys,

I am writing with regard to the advertisment that appeared in the last issue of the magazine “The Worker” and I would like to apply to the position of part time assistant at music store .

I am studying as music teacher, I play the piano, classical guitar and electric guitar. I know a lot about musical instruments.
I am a very patient and tolerant person, I have facilities selling, I always look the advantages and disadvantages of what I am selling and I always investigate and look for some information about it, customers usually do not know what to buy, and they do not know almost anything of what they want to buy, so I prefer giving them all the information they would need to be informed of what they are buying.
I enclose my CV and I would be glad to attend an interview at any time convenient to you.
Yours sincerely,

Belén Alejo.


Do children nowadays watch too much TV?

Nowadays children watch TV to relax, for entertainment or in a few cases for learning.
Specially, when they are one vacation, they watch more TV than they usually do, which sometimes is not very good but, I think they don't watch it redundantly.

First of all, I have to say that this is something depends on each child, some of them think TV is boring, others just don't have TV
and others are not allowed to watch TV.
I really do not know any child that spends all day watching TV, I think it would be boring and monotonous for them.

Secondly, nowadays TV is losing spectators, because it is getting "old", now there are lots of advanced things that make TV look a lot less entertaining,
for example computers, I think children spend more time playing computer games than watching TV, certainly TV is healthier than computer games because,
for example, you can get "ill" if you play computer games too much, but not if you watch too much TV, besides, there are computer games that
make psychological problems on people, like 'polybius'

In conclusion, I think children do not watch too much TV, and, if they did it, it would not be something bad, because if they don't watch TV
they play computer games, which can be sometimes dangerous and always addictive.


As requested, I have done some research about gym facilities in the area. There are lots of gym clubs in the area, and that is really good for people because they have lots of options.

Westford gym

Westford gym is a really modern gym, they have all new machines, they have really good trainers but they aren't enough. It costs around 200 dollars per month, It's really expensive but you wont regret it!

Southford gym
Southford gym is really cheap, you have to pay 50 dollars per month. They have a lot of equipment! But, trainers aren't enough and they aren't really good trainers. The equipment is a bit old but, this gym has a free swimming pool for all members!

Northernford gym
This gym isn't really expensive, but, it isn't cheap neither. It costs 100 dolars per month, all things are OK: -equipement, trainers, cost, etc.
This one is at the north of the area, near the shopping center. This one has more members than the others.



I had never imagined I would see myself on the news. It was horrible! My grandma was watching the news when she saw me in a robbery scene, and she phoned me very scared! -You are in the news!! look!!- she said screaming.
In the robbery scene It was me stealing money from a toyshop, I was scared because I never did that. But I ignored It.
Two days later, I was watching the news...and again the same! but this time it was me stealing money from a little supermarket! I couldn't belive it...and in both cases it was at arround 3 AM..
I was sleeping at that time! I said to my mum. She was really surprised, so, she put a hidden camera on my room. One day later, I was again in the news!! and this time I was stealing money from a house!..so my mum saw the video on the hidden camera, and really at 3 AM it was me getting up and going outside!! I really couldn´t belive it! because I didn`t remember anything!
So my mum told me she thought I was somnambulist, so I went to the doctor and gave me some medicine for the somnambulism, since I started taking the medicine, there was no more of "me" stealing money...and the police never arrested me..well..they never found me...and I gave the money I stole to poor people (really..not).