to p simpson, principal.
from the student comittee

We are writing in response to your letter about your ways to savew money in the future for the collage.

In the first place, you told the transport facilities where under-used, but according to a recent survey the transport facilities are used by students at least twice a week.
You also told that the free buses run half empty, but on winter they are used in the maximum during winter.

As a second point you said that you decided on some changes, such as intend yo make the car park available to the general public during the day and charge a fee. We are sorry we cannot agree, we think that would not be convenient because there would be a lack of spaces for students.

You said you will be terminating the free bus service, and more bicycle stands will be providewd to encourage students to cycle to college. It is an excelent idea to try to encourage students to cycle to college, but we think it is really dangerous cycling in a city.

We undestand your point of view but after a careful consideration the comitte has decided to inform you that we will not support because of the disagreements.

The comittee.

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Great writing, let's check it together in class.

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