Video games - Essay

Nowadays, video games are played by every child or teenager. Some people, often adults, say these games are dangerous, addictive and aggressive.
Are games really dangerous? Or can they be helpfull in some way?

The majority of people might tell you that they are dangerous, harmfull and addictive. From one side, that thought isn't wrong at all, because there are lot of games (maybe the most popular games) in which you are the main character, who has a lot of problems, and solves it violently.
This kind of games may be harmfull, violent, and of course, addictive.
Also, there are games that are supposed to make you feel sick, like Polybius, an old game that made people have headaches, have nightmares and hear voices in their mind.

On the other side, we can see that that aren't the only style of games in the world, there are also lot of video games that developes your abilities, j

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