As requested, I have done some research about gym facilities in the area. There are lots of gym clubs in the area, and that is really good for people because they have lots of options.

Westford gym

Westford gym is a really modern gym, they have all new machines, they have really good trainers but they aren't enough. It costs around 200 dollars per month, It's really expensive but you wont regret it!

Southford gym
Southford gym is really cheap, you have to pay 50 dollars per month. They have a lot of equipment! But, trainers aren't enough and they aren't really good trainers. The equipment is a bit old but, this gym has a free swimming pool for all members!

Northernford gym
This gym isn't really expensive, but, it isn't cheap neither. It costs 100 dolars per month, all things are OK: -equipement, trainers, cost, etc.
This one is at the north of the area, near the shopping center. This one has more members than the others.