I'm on the planning committee representing my country for the international cultural festival in London. I'm writting this proposal in order to suggest what should be included in the festival to represent the culture of my country.

Uruguay's Carnival
The carnival of Uruguay is considered the largest carnival on the world. It starded near the year 1760 and now it's stil very famous.
People disguise with a lot of colours and walk through the streets dancing and singing, where there's a crowd of people having fun, eating and some ones selling things.
People are eager waiting the whole year until February to celebrate the Carnival.
Maybe it can be possible to show a video with some of the carnivals.

Sports have been very crucial on our country, that's why now it's part of our culture.
Basketball, football and handball are the most typical ones.
Football is considerably the one that made million fans in uruguay. Our team is very know over the world because of the first world cup. We won and it was made in Uruguay also.
I think some of our football players could take part on the festival.

In Uruguay the 'Asado' is the most valuable food, it's typical, for example, to eat Asado the weekends, or in big parties.
"Torta fritas" are appreciated specially on rainy days. Also the 'mate' is a traditional Uruguayan infused drink.
We can take those three typical foods/drinks to the festival so people can taste them and know a bit more about it.

My proposal tries to make you know what Uruguayan culutre really is, and I hope it meets with your approval.

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