Research on eating habits

Dear Dr. S. D. Allan,

I'm writting in order to take part in the experiment on eating habits, which I saw on a magazine and got interested inmediatlly.

First of all I am going to tell you my present eating habits, as you asked. I usually eat 3 meals: lunch, tea and dinner. I skip breakfast because I am used to get up too late. In general I do not eat unhealthy food, like fried food or with lots of fats.
Between those meals I eat lots of things: cookies, cake, waffles, chocolate, etc.
I was wondering if in the exepriment we can choose the food or if they're just fixed meals, and also if the food is free or I have to pay for it.

When would this start? Between Saturday and Thursday, any day is okay for me, so just tell me those three days I could go.
You also mentioned a fee, could you tell me of how much is it?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Belén Alejo.

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Claudia dijo...

Hi Belén,
Very good answer to this FCE exam task. Perfect beginning and ending.

Remember that in formal letters we do not use contractions.
We write: iMMediately.
I am used to + verb + ING
Do you remember that when we use indirect questions (the polite ones, those that start with, for example, Can you tell me...?) the word order of the sentence is the same as in an afirmative sentence 'Could you tell me how much it is?

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