Do you want to keep fit? And meet new friends? Did you know that doing sports is good for our body, self-esteem and health? Yes, it’s really good for ourselves, so, why don’t you start doing some sport? Why aren’t you on the athletics club?

‘This club really helped me, because I hadn’t had any friends who like sports like me, so I joined to the club and now I have lots of friends who like the same as me! And of course, now I’m on fit!’ said Robbie Collinson, one of the first members of the club. ‘There are lots of things to do in this club, well… everything, all sports are practised here, and the trainers are excellent!’ said another member, I agree with him!

The members meet on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6-8PM, so, what are you waiting for? ‘Most teenagers think doing athletics is boring, but, that’s not true! Here we have a lot of fun, it’s not everything about running, no, for example, once a month we have a little break of half an hour and we have a picnic! Sometimes we are visited by important sports people and we talk with them!’ said Alice Cobbins, the trainer.

Try it! If you want more information contact Mrs West (who runs the club).

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